Thousands of fake IDs bound for New York seized in Louisville

November 29, 2019 0 By NIKESHOE

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Nearly 3,000 counterfeit driver’s licenses meant to be shipped to people in New York, including a convicted child rapist, were confiscated in Louisville, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protections.

Officers with CBP seized six shipments of fake IDs and discovered one shipment was intended for a person who “entices minors with alcohol and counterfeit IDs before engaging in illicit activity,” according to a statement from the agency on Monday.

Authorities gave the evidence to Homeland Security Investigation in New York.

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HSI is continuing to investigate, however the agency did not respond to ABC News when asked for additional comment on the convicted child rapist.

The IDs, likely designed as proper replicas from multiple states, including Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey and Ohio, were found at Express Consignment Operations hub, according to CBP.

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The shipments also included 3,123 blank card stocks that could be used to make more counterfeit licenses.

The shipments all originated in China.