There's no other player like Rashford, he'll be unstoppable – Herrera

March 19, 2019 0 By NIKESHOE

The 21-year-old striker is already highly regarded, but the Spaniard believes we are only seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg

Ander Herrera was unable to name another player cut from the same cloth as Manchester United team-mate Marcus Rashford and believes the striker will go on to become ‘unstoppable’.

Rashford has enjoyed a resurgence under new boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who appears to prefer the 21-year-old ahead of Romelu Lukaku as his first choice centre-forward, with the England international reaping the benefits in terms of goals scored.

Jose Mourinho had more often than not relegated Rashford to the wing during his tenure at Old Trafford, but Herrera feels that, while there are plenty of great wide men in today’s game, his team-mate has something extra.

“He’s different,” Herrera told ESPN. “We know at the moment there are some fantastic wingers in modern football: Ousmane Dembele, Raheem Sterling, Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard… but Marcus is different.

“Marcus can shoot, he can play one-against-one, but he also has the quality to combine and not lose the ball for the team.

“I couldn’t name another player that reminds me of Marcus Rashford. I think he’s already a top, top, top player, but I think he will improve with time in his decision making and he will be unstoppable.”

And, while Herrera feels the England attacker is the complete package as far as forwards go, he also reserved special praise for Jesse Lingard and Juan Mata.

The Spaniard acknowledges that the duo are more limited in their skills, but insists that they use what they do have to outstanding effect.

He added: “We all know Lingard doesn’t have the one-on-one ability that Rashford or Martial or Alexis Sanchez have, but he has other qualities that are very important.

“When I receive the ball, as soon as I turn, I know Jesse is moving to receive the ball. Juan Mata is quite similar, they’re always ready to get the ball and help the team.

“Football is about making the right decisions. That’s why Mata is still playing and playing fantastically.

“I always say to him that he’s not the quickest, he’s not the strongest, he doesn’t have the best shot, but he always makes the right decision.

“When you see one of us shooting on goal, who is the one that is always ready for the rebound from the goalkeeper? Mata.

“When you see one of our full-backs crossing the ball, who is always in the right position in the pitch in the box? Mata.

“When the team is struggling and we need an extra midfielder to come to play, who is there? Juan Mata.”

United return to Premier League action with a trip to Fulham on Saturday, keen to stay in the chase for a spot in the top four.