Men Claiming To Be ‘Gau Rakshaks’ Stab 22-Year-Old Buffalo Transporter In Gujarat

December 2, 2019 0 By NIKESHOE

Suspected cow vigilantes stabbed a 22 years old truck helper, Zaheer Qureshi who was ferrying buffalo calves from Deesa to Chapi in Bharuch district, Gujarat.

The truck driver, Mustafa Sipai managed to save himself as he jumped into a police vehicle that was passing by. The Times of India reported that 30 buffaloes were being carried for slaughter when three to four people intercepted the truck on the pretext that they were ‘Gau Rakshaks’.

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They were shouting, ‘We are gau rakshaks, stop the truck,’ A senior police official informed TOI that the men were banging sticks on the truck. While the truck driver, Mustafa pulled over near a pav bhaji stall and vanished. Qureshi also started running but was stopped by two assailants on a bike. While one held Qureshi, the other stabbed him with a knife.